It’s for you and for your staff, the people we meet in the village and the wood. The trekking was an absolutely highlight for us during the stay in your wonderful country: to meet you, the people in the village, specially the tribeswoman, the tribesman and his very kindly wife, the man in the wood, the cook, not to forget the car driver, it was wonderful. We enjoy everything: the very kindly welcome in the village, the ritual at the beginning and the end (we are very proud about our wristbands, they remember us every day and we have the bamboo pub, cinnamon leaves … !!), the walk through the wood and the waterfalls, the night in the cabin, the lovely prepared local food, all the many details, we can’t list, which indicate the affectionate preparation from your side and your staff.

And specially we enjoy the conversation with the people in the evening, which give us an impression of their life. It was very very touching also, what they want to hear from our country and life, they were really so interested. We have had much fun together (for example eating leaves :)) and have been very thoughtful together (you remember ‘you can also see stars?). This moments move us again and again to tears, when we remember. We have felted save every moment, all of you take care about us every moment, you are a very good guide, we think, you reflect very thoughtful, how you can spend an very individual experience for example to distress a local woman on the trail. I lost my shawl in the mountain, no accident, I think, I want to leave something there, maybe to come back!

We don’t know, if we have forgotten something to write, so many impressions and for some perceptions we haven’t the right words. Whenever you are in contact with the people, we could know, many many heartful greetings!! It’s a wonderful place with wonderful people and we came back home very very rich – thank you very much for this greatful, touching, uncredible and unforgetable experience! (and also for the many pictures as a review!). Many greetings and best wishes

Anke and Ingrid, Germany, Visited Kanchanaburi, 2019